Movie of the Week - 10 Cloverfield Lane (spoiler)

Are you sure you're better off the way you are now?



This week's movie is about a woman that looks like she was abducted and kept in a bunker. She was told that the world outside is not the same anymore. That there has been an attack and the air is contaminated. But is all of that really that insane? Is Michelle really sure that the 'kidnapper' is lying?

The ending was shocking and up. I don't really know if I liked the movie or not. I still simply cannot make up my mind.

From start to finish it's intensely psychological. I was questioning myself and second guessing the credibility of events all throughout the movie. 

Would she have been better off in the bunker or the outside world? Was all of it worth the fight? Where would she be safer? I find it tough to find a motivating message in it all but it looks like the new is always better than the old, no matter how scary it may look like... That's exactly what helps us to grow as people. 

A great movie to watch... It will leave you shaken and confused.

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