Guest Blogger: Andrea from As You Wish wedding stationery

Probably the most common query I get from couples when discussing their wedding stationery, is in relation to the rsvp element. It can be tricky keeping the costs down and organising RSVPs. I will show you 2 ways to save money on wedding RSVPs.




1. Paperless Post

If you live your life online, or you have a lot of guests living abroad, then an online wedding website like PAPERLESS POST might be the best option for you. There are lots of free ones out there you can use and you just include the URL on your printed invite.

2. Email or Text

 A lot of couples are using email or text and it's an efficient and cheaper method. However, personally I would avoid text as it’s harder to keep track of these replies. I would advise setting up a dedicated wedding email address which both of you can access and see what replies are coming in. You can also use this email address for correspondence with all your other wedding suppliers and avoid clogging up your personal inboxes!




A tip to keep costs down, is to print only a portion of rsvp cards. So if you are sending out 100 invites, but you know that most will reply by email, then you could just print 30 or so for the guests you know would prefer to use a reply card.

The ‘older’ generation, or those not on email regularly, generally prefer this option. You can include a little postcard with the reply address pre-printed on the back, or you can have a reply card with a little envelope. Make sure to pre-address the envelope, but there’s no need to include a postage stamp on it.



Unfortunately no matter how organised you are yourself, you will still end up chasing some people for their replies and some will be incomplete…missing guest names is really common! To help you keep track of missing replies, you could put a little number in the corner of your reply card, and then keep a list of what number refers to each guest. That way you can tick them off as you receive them and if there’s a name missing, you know who’s card it is!