Fixed vs Zoom Lenses

When I first started doing photography I often asked myself the same question. What is better? Fixed or Zoom lenses?

Zoom lenses are far more functional and easier to use. There isn't that much thinking in terms of dimensions of the room or the size of family portraits. Family portraits can be BIG.

For quite a long time I only had one fixed lens that was Canon 135mm f 2.0. It's the greatest long lens I know. It creates magic portraits and great candids. With this lens you always have to bear in mind that you need a lot, and I mean it, a lot of space to take portraits. And I'm not even talking about group shots.

Then around the same time I had an opportunity to shoot with Canon 24-70 f 2.8 and Canon 24-105 f 4.0. The first lens is great for portraits and larger groups of people. It really is great in it's quality and functionality. It is much faster to focus than Canon 135 f 2.0.
The second lens... Personally, I never understood it :) The quality of the picture is always dirty and grey... And there really isn't much I can say about it.

It is at that time when I had the two types of lenses to compare, I realised that using your feet as your zoom is far better than twisting the ring on a lens. It makes you think, it makes you create and it keeps you focused.

Choosing a lens is like choosing a style in photography. You either feel it or you don't.

And remember, always try it out first, compare it and make your conclusions based on your experience :)