Goldfish and a Louse

One of my birthday presents this year came a bit late... And it was certainly something that I haven't even dreamed of. It was fish.

It all started with a little walk in our local garden centre that has a pond at the back of it. When Luke and I approached the pond we stopped at the sight of a turtle. Suddenly we realised that there were about ten of them among the waterlilies staring at us. I tried calling one over secretly hoping to bond with it and take it home, but that fantasy ended quickly when they saw my arm stretching towards them.

As excited as we were, we decide to go to the local pet shop and look at the turtles over there. As a result we walked out with three goldfish (fancy ones) in my hands. And so our adventure began.

I never had fish before and I was a little bit... bored with the idea of keeping some. Goldfish don't require heated water and are supposedly low maintenance. 

On the same day I discovered something tiny, with legs and eyes, floating around the tank. I hoped it was their baby fish or a little shrimp (yeah, a coldwater shrimp). 

It was a louse. Fish have lice! I removed it, and two weeks later another one appears. At this stage I'm completely bonded with my goldfish. I gave them names! I don't want them to die... 

So my three little heroes named Dorian, Bubkiss and Stormy are now floating in their rehabilitation blue water.

They are a friendly bunch, quite happy with their tank. In fact they are so friendly and happy that they might have made friends with the louse. 

Dorian, Bubkiss and Stormy know their names and they like the company of a human! This is so cool, it's one of the most exciting birthday presents I have had in a long while!

I'll keep you posted on how it all unravels in our friendly, happy tank and many more adventures that resulted from this :)

....You're simply extraordinary...