Meet your wedding photographer

Dear Brides,

As a Wedding Photographer, I practice a lifestyle, natural and clean wedding photography. For me wedding photography isn't just about having my job done and get paid for it. For me, my job is my passion and expression of my creative mind.

Having said that in my line of work it is important to have personal relationships established before I go into documenting your wedding day. This means that meeting eachother for a coffee or over skype and getting to know each other is one of the key components in doing business with you.

I highly encourage you to meet your photographer before you book them. Wedding photographer is one and only supplier during your wedding day that you will spend most of your time with. They will create your memories and will make you laugh. They will have great fun with you in creating intimate photos that will last you a lifetime. Because think about it, you are marrying the love of your life and you want it to be fun and memorable.

So meet your photographer, have a chat with them, find points of intersection and make sure that you click. Sometimes it won't happen but I cannot stress the importance of the relationship that you are going to establish with your photographer.

If your package includes an engagement shoot... Do it! It will give you the opportunity to screw up, to get to know yourself better in front of the camera and will give you a chance to get to know your photographer. The photographer will give you a couple of tips on how to pose and how to relax. You will be amazed at how much less self conscious and relaxed you will be on the day of your wedding.

So, lets be friends, let's create and lets have fun!