Photographer's business plan

In this blog post I'm not going to go into the very technical and formal idea of a Business Plan for Wedding Photographers. You can find multiple online sources that provide business plan templates describing a step by step approach.

If you don't know where to start, it's time you started with your business plan.

In the beginning everyone kept telling me that I should have a business plan done up, and that is what I did. I created one. I went into this long, legal and formal version it.

For me researching the information to form my own business plan was groundbreaking. I researched every aspect of that plan. It took me two weeks to do that. (I can be very pedantic...) The amount of information that I extracted from this research was immense. 

Your business plan can be a simple draft of your ideas and goals. You can create a list of how much money you need on gear, workshops, sample albums and so on. Planning on how you can gain experience and create a portfolio. Deciding on how many weddings you wish to shoot this year. Setting a clear and exact idea of what you want, what you need and how you can reach it. All of this can and should be your business plan.

It doesn't matter what option you choose, whether it's simple and straightforward or long and formal. What matters is the general idea of actions that you need to take next.