Plus size in our heads

Yesterday I visited... or to be precise I was a part of a casting event for VPlus Models . I was hired to take profile photos for the girls that participated in it.

This adventure was a major eye opener for me. Everyone was between sizes 12 and... lets say more. I was amazed at how confident and open everyone was in front of my camera. 

The day unraveled with Vicki's (the founder of the agency) speech about her battle with obesity and self confidence and how she found the answer... which was as simple as just loving yourself. 

Later on we stumbled upon each other and I thanked her for such an inspiring speech. I said that people with obesity struggle with the same issues as the rest of us. 

Often enough I think that I'm not perfect or not good enough, completely ignoring my strongest sides. This can be daunting and hard to deal with... And most of the time it's just as simple as giving yourself the same bit of love you would give your purring cat :)

Thank you Vicki for sharing a little bit of love.

You're Simply Extraordinary