Purchases vs Rent

Renting gear is OKAY.

A lot of people think that if you start your own business as a wedding photographer, you should have at least two camera bodies, and a lens range that will cover everything on a wedding day such as; large groups of people, portraits, candids, walking up the aisle photos, details... and some people want a little bit extra for creativity. This is a lot to carry in your bag as a starter kit, especially when you have a lot more expenses to think about besides your gear.

The amount of gear that you will have to carry in your bag on a wedding day is not the issue. Changing lenses can become a nightmare. Not knowing which lense to use at what point in time, can become a nightmare number two. It is stressful, so start off simple.

Some people can shoot a wedding using only two lenses. For example 35mm for large groups of people and details, and 70-200 for the rest. That will be a great range that will cover you from portraits, to details, to walking up the aisle, to candids. I've done it! Other photographers have done it too!

Before you start booking consistently there is no point in investing a huge amount of money in gear. I promise, the size of your gear bag will grow along with your business! Be patient :)

Instead of going through the risk of buying an expensive piece of gear that can possibly turn out to be a huge mistake because it doesn't reflect your style of photography, you can rent it. When you are comparing the cost of a purchase and it's risks, renting out gear, is a very small price to pay.

There are some great rental shops in Dublin that can be of interest to you if you are looking to try your gear out before you buy.
CameraKit Dublin 6W 
ISS Dublin 8

Don't rush into purchasing it. It may only seem like it will make you more of a professional but you might not exactly be able to afford it.

Don't be ashamed of renting out gear, be proud of it. You will see how much it will pay off later in your business.

...You're simply extraordinary...