You know more than you think you do

My super boosted business course is still running and it makes my mind run in circles like it never really did!

With all the different tests that I was given during these couple of days of self assessment and thinking about my Wedding Photography, I realised one important thing.... I know more than I ever thought I did.

We really never give ourselves enough credit for our knowledge. I may not be the know it all but I do have some strengths that I forget about on the daily basis. I also found out that being okay with my weaker sides makes my life easier because they aren't that bad when they are my friends :)

I just wanted to remind you, that over the years, everything you have researched about photography, everything that you have put into practice and everything that you are skilled to do still counts! And it's hard to believe how briskly everything is shoved away, all the experience acquired due to long hours of hard work. I encourage you to leverage your experience and skills, to cherish them and keep filling in the gaps. You will be surprised with the result.

Nobody knows you as well as you do. Nobody knows your areas of expertise and nobody knows how skilled you may be at your hobbies. So start talking about them and start making them your unique strengths in your business and in your life.

You're simply extraordinary...