Goldfish and a Tank

So it has been quite a while since I introduced you to my trio, Dorian, Bubkiss and Stormy!

Since then I had to face one huge, frightening revelation about my goldfish.

When I first saw them in the shop I thought that they would stay the same little cute fishies no more than 5cm in length. A month later I have noticed them grow.

I researched goldfish a little bit online and discovered that they grow to be VERY big. That they need a tank the size of a bathroom.... Of course that's an exaggeration.. but it's still not too far off.

The louse issue was solved quickly after detaching it from Bubkiss (orange guy) and killing it. This led to another issue of fin rot on Dorian (black guy). My reaction was ... instant panic.... I didn't know what to do!

So buying the medicine against the fin rot wasn't even the beginning of solving what was actually going on.

My tank was waaaay too small. Full stop.

Three goldfish need a tank the size of approximately 100 litres. I had 25.

If the tank is too small, fish can get depressed, develop finrot.. and simply die. They produce way too much waste and it becomes very quickly, very toxic.

So I found a bigger tank for the fish. It's a 54 litre tank, of course still too small, but it should do for a couple of months...

As soon as I placed them into their new home they became a little happier, finrot stopped, Dorian is recovering and they are back to my three little responsive fishies.