Organising to do lists.

Organising your business... Is the hardest thing I have dealt with so far.

And I mean... I'm the organise freak!

When you are a wedding photographer, you are at least ten other things as well as that. Keeping your receipts for accounts as well as making them, advertising, marketing, designing, networking, inspiring yourself as well as educating, being good at people's skills and list goes on!

Believe it or not my shooting time adds up to only 20% at most.

At this stage.. I am as overwhelmed as I was at the beginning. And I think a lot of small business owners will agree that sometimes it's just a bit too much.

I have lists. Alot of them. I have a diary (two diaries), I have an online programme (, which is quite good, I have a glass board that I like writing my to-do lists on and all of it just doesn't seem to work.

So, here is what I decided to do. Instead of trying to do everything at the same time and ending up doing nothing, I sat down and laid it all down on paper.. Once again!

I had all of my main headings written down, such as Accounts, Business Plan, Marketing, Social Media, Post Production and so on... Taking each heading then on separate sheets of paper, I wrote down all of the things that have to be done immediately.

To my surprise every heading had only 3-5 bullet points to be completed immediately. I know that it's a lot and the list will grow. Tiking off one bullet point a day is much better than trying to do everything and ending up doing nothing.

....You're simply extraordinary....