Our trip to Edinburgh

This February Luke and I visited Edinburgh...

Rooting through the pictures I decided that perhaps it's never too late to go back and talk about the trips that we made.

It was the oddest few days. My expectations always, and I mean it... ALWAYS, exceed reality. And so they did this time in terms of this city that everyone talks about as something amazing and unforgettable.

So here how I saw this city... 

It was cold, sunny and atmospheric. 

I shot mostly in black and white. That's how I saw it. This was the best way to show off the patterns on the architecture and the shadows of the glowing sun...

We were lucky, there was no rain and the sun was shining in its full glory..

When we walked all around Edinburgh... avoiding the chaos of the touristic Castle... we stumbled upon this little street with peculiar housings... 

Now that I'm blogging about it in Summer, I forgot how dreadfully cold it was back then!

Luke was talking about this bridge being.. the biggest, the oldest....? I never remember things like that. Anyway. It was big indeed and quite impressive!

Edinburgh is, as is the rest of Scotland, known for its greasy food. Sometimes it was hard for me to deal with the fact that dinner is going to consist of Burgers and Chips. Greasy. Burgers. And. Chips.

However everything fell into place once that was in your stomach. Scottish people are very earthly and friendly... You can't go mad at them for having greasy food :)

Red telephone box.

And then my favourite place in the whole world. The cat café. Expensive and extremely in demand by the old and by the young. Unfortunately I was too busy petting the cats and Luke's photography skills allowed us for exactly one half decent photo... :) 

And that was it. Edinburgh will remain in my mind as something that ... I'd probably would want to explore one more time to fulfill the rest of my expectations.