Shoes. Dress.Veil.

Dear Brides,

Be comfortable and save time on your wedding day...

1. Shoes

Choosing your shoes on a wedge is nothing but comfortable and elegant.You may have to walk on grass or gravel. Wedges will be a perfect option to provide support.

Height matters. If your heels are too high, chances are you will get tired after about... 15 minutes of walking and posing for photos. A nice trick to avoid that would be changing into your flats. It's makes such a difference. Not thinking about your sore feet will keep your mood up.

Sparkles... I've seen a couple of brides who had GORGEOUS sparkly shoes. I mean... I'm a magpie, I'd be the first one to put them on. But. If you have a lacy dress, it will constantly get caught in your shoes. It will ruin the lase at the bottom and your new husband will always be kneeling down to take the lace out of the sparkles.

2. Dress

Be comfortable in your dress!

In Ireland you have to consider that it may be quite cold on a summer's day and vice versa. Going completely strapless and sleeveless can make you shiver and make you want to run away from wedding photos on the grounds of your beautiful venue.

Like the dress! Love it! There is nothing more disappointing when you realise that the dress isn’t something that you wanted all along. And guess what, it is never too late to change.

If you have a long train, make sure there is one bridesmaid that will help you fix it for the photos. Bring her with you during the photoshoot and you’d be amazed how much easier and quicker and lighter the photoshoot can go saving you so much time to attend your reception.

2. Veil

I love veils. Most of the time Brides take their time to decide weather to wear one or not. Personally I think it suits everybody. It creates a soft, romantic look.

Choosing a veil I should warn you about any accessories on your wedding dress. It will get caught in sashes designed for wedding dresses that have sparkly decorations of any sort.

Have it fixed in your hair firmly if it's windy outside. Have a trial run with it when rehearsing your wedding hairstyle. 

Don't worry about it too much if the wind blows it into one side or the other during the shoot. Some Brides get too preoccupied with their veils which can be extremely time consuming. So when it blows away, just let it flow naturally.

Have your veil approximately the same size as your train. If your veil is longer than your train it can be awkward to fix it for photos and again, it takes time to do so.