10 Mistakes And 10 Successes In Wedding Photography

Emotional Mistakes + Successes That We Don't Keep Track Of

When I first thought about this ... I realised that it's as hard to pick out my top 10 mistakes as well as my top 10 successes. A further series will follow with more specific details .. But for now I would like to address emotional struggle that everyone faces when they start out.

Wedding Photography Tips by  Katya Koliban

10 Mistakes

1. Taking too long to research the industry, procrastinating before taking a real step

2. Being shy to promote my work

3. Not defining my style of photography

4. Thinking that everything is way too slow

5. Undervaluing my skills

6. Not being able to stand up for myself

7. Comparing myself to others

8. Not knowing what is it I want exactly from my business

9. Entering the market at a low price

10. Afraid to network with other people in my industry

10 Successes

1. Being persistent in pursuing assisting jobs, that led me to shoot my own weddings as a result

2. Being able to confidently speak on the phone with clients and suppliers

3. Organising a shoot with multiple wedding suppliers (nerve, and head wrecking!)

4. Being okay with people not choosing me as their wedding photographer (sometimes you've got to click)

5. Shooting my own weddings and receiving positive feedback

6. Staying confident in my professionalism when meeting clients

7. Learning how to push stress away and have fun on a shoot

8. Realising that lots of hard, slow work brings great results

9. Saying no to unfair treatment on a job (money isn't the reason to break your self confidence)

10. Knowing from the bottom of my heart that I'm doing what I love the most

Wedding Photography Tips by Katya Koliban