Little Bubkiss Facing Danger In A Clay Pot Cave

Not so long ago I wrote about how happy everyone was in our fish tank. Straight after I wrote that post and haven't even published it yet, Bubkiss (the orange guy) had an incident.

I created a little cave from a clay pot for the guys to hide from each other whenever they want. 

When I thought that everyone was hunky dory, I couldn't spot Bubkiss in the tank. He's (or she I haven't figured that out yet) usually the first one to swim up to the glass and say hello! I looked and looked around the tank until I realised that the cave has collapsed and he might be underneath it.

Holding my breath I lifted the cave and there he was. He swam upwards... and my heart stopped! He was all beaten up with injuries and.. all his big stomach dented and his tail torn and his mouth crooked... My little Bubkiss was hurt, and shocked, swimming funny.

I was now blaming myself for being so silly about installing an unstable cave in the tank. I performed a water change, added some medicine and hoped for the best!

In two weeks time Bubkiss was back to normal. He was stealing food from everyone else and imposed his loving presence on Stormy and Dorian! 

Bubkiss is now my personal hero. Despite all the injuries he was full of energy and went on as if nothing had happened.

Bubkiss sets a great example for everyone to keep on going no matter how bad you think you're