5 Things No One Told You About Owning A Business

Self Employment is no joke.... It is lonely, it is boring, it is certainly challenging.

The 5 things that I am talking about below may not stick with you for the entire lifetime of your business.. Some of them you will outsource as you grow... But until then, you get to be an office rat in your own home!

1. You get to keep track of your business and personal accounts.

Yay! Who knew that when you decided to become a business owner you were agreeing to something like this?! This is my least favourite part.. I'm not good with numbers, I'm not good with organising them and keeping track of them. But this is something that I had to learn... There is no way around it, it is truly the heart of your business!

2. You get to do your own market research.

And it's not something like... I'll go out and chat with other photographers and suppliers, no! It's more like getting your mind to think like your customer, thinking a couple of steps ahead, keeping track of what is trending and what is dying. And guess what?! There is a lot.. and I mean it... A lot of internet research.

Katya Koliban Wedding Photography

3. You get to be humiliated. 

It doesn't matter weather you are an assistant or a main photographer people find a way to make you feel humiliated. Suck it up, it's a part of your lifestyle now!

4. You get to process your images.

So on top of all of that sitting down at home... You get to sit down some more. And this is the longest part of sitting down. Deleting bad images and processing them in Lightroom makes me sleepy. So buy quality coffee, you'll thank me later!

5. You get digitalise your personality.

And by this I mean Social Media. More sitting down! It's like... being comfortable talking to a wall or something. Humiliating? Yeah... Quite a bit. It gets better and trust me. A lot of people enjoy it even if they don't say so. They get to know you better and moreover... You get to know you better too :)