My 'Be Brave' Experience

I decided to go to a business conference to network. Full stop.

First thing in the morning we were sat down to listen to a forty minute speech of a beautiful business woman selling us her services. I've learnt quite a lot from these forty minutes and I've also have made some conclusions...

It has become quite popular to sell services on how to start up your own business and grow it real fast. The fear of people who are starting up, their insecurities and their lack of self confidence is simply converted into money. It's smart and it's really effective and people who know how to run businesses made it their mission to populate the market of newly start ups with their services.

I admire it. I admire the help that people can get from that. Things like 'Learn how to convert prospect customers every time' are quite tempting and ... seems like it will solve all of your problems. The thing about it is that those coaching sessions cost just about what you can afford on start up of your business. So they are expensive.

Dear friends, there are so many resources online that can help you out for free. Perhaps you will need a session or two but only on something extremely particular that deals with one certain issue in your business. You can take as many coaching sessions as you want but none of those titles that are included in the coaching course aren't going to make your business thrive magically in a week or two.

They are selling you the idea of teaching you how to be you, sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Most people might not have noticed but the secret of this forty minute session was revealed. You don't have to go off and spend thousands of euros on learning how to be motivated by your business. The service that is being sold to you is most certainly short term effect because the industry is constantly changing. But what you can do is understand that all you need to succeed is YOU.

The selling process made me angry and now I understand why. We have so much fear and we have become so open about it that someone decided to take an advantage of that. If you're afraid, be brave to accept your fear, don't let it cost you money.