The Power Of Lightroom

Lightroom by Katya Koliban Wedding Photogrpahy

Yesterday I discovered the power of Lightroom... And even though it took me ages to install it, watch tutorials and figure out how to work with colour, I will never forget the moment when I realised that I can edit a wedding about... ten times faster than I used to! Just let it sink in. Ten. Times. Faster.

If you have no idea how to even begin, watch this:

If you want to learn how to start colour correcting your photographs, watch this:

If you want to buy Lightroom get it here, it's not that expensive anymore:!3085!3!69045272570!b!!g!!photo%20shop%20lightroom&ef_id=Vjpn0wAAAKozmvA6:20151105182238:s

Trust me, if you have an immense amount of photographs to edit daily, this is so much better than Camera Raw. It's faster and there is so much you can do with colour!

I can't be more excited than I already am. If you haven't done it yet, put a day aside and do it tomorrow, it will be so worth it!