Ibiza Holidays!

Roaming through my old files I stumbled upon a folder that contained photos from a holiday that I went to in 2014. I only pulled out 1 or 2 photos from that folder for certain blogs.. but all in all I forgot about them.

It was  my first sunny holiday since 2009. I forgot how much I missed the sun.

Our journey started from Dublin Airport leaving the country of contrasts! I couldn't resist taking a picture of the beautiful skyline...

I  loved the different colours and those southern style windows.. and their blocky soft buildings... 

And of course the sea... I love water. Love, love, love water! I found it kind of poetic that there was never a definite skyline ... The sea and the sky were trying their best to blend into one another....

So many different shades of blue... !

This is the place where two currents met.. It was on the most southern part of the Island... One of the most wonderful sights you will ever see.

A smiley face.

Someone deliberately put those stones like that?? Oh and the drawings too....?

Weird coastline with weird creatures!

We managed to grab one of the oranges... they were SO SOUR! 

Lemons in your back garden.

Quite an odd formation of land.

I love the softness of these flowers!

Hello cactus!

Animals were one of my favourite parts of the trip...

Oh no... can't stop taking pictures of a cat!

Quirky flee market...

And to top it all off with a couple of romantic photos...

And that was our ten days of Ibiza!

I can't believe how long my hair was... and how badly burnt I got.