Special changes in my Fishies' home!

Since our last encounter with the clay pot cave a lot of changes came along... Bubkiss is still the greediest and most vain superstar of the aquarium, Stormy envies his orange friend but tires his best not to show it and Dorian wisely avoids the involvement in this ego drama of theirs by hiding in the bushes.

The trio are adults now. They have their adults worries of how to make their living space a little bit bigger, a little bit more comfy and who knows, maybe some day they'll be ready for  some bigger commitments! So without thinking about it too much, feeling a little bit suffocated in their old 'apartment', unable to get any privacy from eachother, Bubkiss, Dorian and Stormy decided to make a responsible move and start a new life in a bigger centimetre footage.

They channelled all of their inner interior designers and asked some friends living above the water, for some help with the props to finish off the design. It's always good to have friends on the top. 

The trio tried real hard to keep the plants happy by installing some extraordinary lighting to help with their in house vegetation. They have no interest in knowing the names of what they planted, it's not like they are going to wake up in the morning and say.. HELLO ALOE VERA, I hope you have great photosynthesis today. Although maybe you should!

The privacy in their apartment tank has increased and Dorian can now go off and be melancholic in the bushes whenever he likes. "He's a bit dramatic, going off like that... " says Bubkiss vainly, secretly happy that all the attention is on him.

"It's all going to change as life goes on, we have plans to introduce some new cool stuff to our house now that we have more centimetre footage to use... Oh, one time we had guppies to visit with us for a couple of days. Silly Bubkiss was so happy to see them that instead of giving the little fry a kiss, he swallowed a couple... ", recalls Stormy while nibbling at his favourite salad tree.