Step out of your computer screen!

I have spoken before about how important it is to network.  It is important especially if you are working alone and most of the time from home.

I don't know why the importance of local networking came to me at such a late stage of my business. Networking with your local businesses is more powerful than anything else. People tend to trust you more, especially if you have done business with someone in the area before.

So on a Friday afternoon I attended a local Ratoath Business Women Networking Group and I was amazed at how open and friendly everyone was at the meeting. I have never felt so ... at home and powered up by the opportunity to find new business friends in a local area!

At the meeting I spoke about how lonely and sometimes even self destructive it can be sitting behind your computer day in and day out.  By stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone it may seem a little bit daunting at the start but you will get better at networking with what seems to be strangers at first.

You'd be surprised at how open, friendly and driven people are out there. No matter what you think, but small businesses are all in the same boat as you.

All it takes is a little bit of courage :)