What is the price for networking?

Should you be paying for having an opportunity to network?

I woke up in the morning at 6am after dreaming about a fee that I had to pay to enter a networking group. It felt like a nightmare.

I woke up this early to go to a morning breakfast networking meeting . I love the idea of networking. Networking is referring each other to people who are looking for a service or a product. Networking also means that you get to go out and meet new people!

The meeting started with everyone introducing each other and talking about their business. 

The structure of this particular networking group is as follows... They have a large amount of small groups that only contain one person from a certain area. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, there will be no other photographer in a group that you are in.

Everything seemed great and positive. I was then asked to leave and talk to someone who would explain to me how to become a member. And then I knew. A bill is involved. I was right, just like a dream I had before I woke up that morning. When I saw how much it would cost me to be a member, I gasped. It may not seem like a lot of money for people that run much bigger businesses... but to me it was huge.

I don't agree that anyone should be paying for networking. Who's that money going to? What are they doing with it?

Networking is a relationship that you establish with another business owner. It's hard work. And again... I feel tempted by the idea of this networking set up but at the same time I understand that you can't buy it with one bill. You have to work. And you have to work hard to establish those relationships.