5 tips on how to relax in front of the camera on your wedding day

Dear Brides,

On the day of the wedding it's hard to imagine how overwhelmed you'll be. Guests trying to catch you for a sneaky hello, fixing your make up before anyone realises that all the lipstick is gone and making sure that the cake has arrived! (add a +100 more tasks to the list)

Planning your wedding photography isn't just about finding the photographer you love and booking them. I have already spoken about how important it is to

Meet Your Wedding Photographer

and now I have some more tips for you!

1. Have your Engagement Session done beforehand

Your photographer will ask a little bit about how you met with your fiancé, what you like doing in your free time and a couple of other questions that will determine your personality. The photographer will know when you feel uncomfortable, will learn how to read your body language and will help you with your poses.

2. Have your flats with you and be prepared to walk a little bit

Unless you are comfortable walking in your shoes on pebbled ground, bring your flats. It'll make things easier and will give the photographer an opportunity for more creative shots.

3. Take your Bridesmaid along

Take someone along who will help with fixing the dress, pointing out a loose curl, holding the flowers and making you laugh!

4. Talk to your new husband during the shoot

Talking to your husband during the shoot may be the only time alone you will get. So ask him anything you want. Be emotional, share your experience about the day so far and tell him how happy you are to be there with him. All of this, is priceless for the photographer. All of this equals emotions! It will make you feel relaxed by forgetting about the shoot from time to time and will make your photographs look natural!

5. Don't worry about how you look

Worrying about it is not your job anymore. Your photographer will take care of it. You hired a professional so you have to trust them!


Katya xxx