Do YOU know what you want?

Do you ever think why you run a business, read a book, meet people for a coffee? Is there a purpose to it? Do you know what you want?

When people are setting out for success, they set up their businesses and they have these beautiful abstract ideas. They train their minds to think towards their goals. They then learn how to identify exactly what they want. 

Frankly when you figure that out, suddenly taking a walk or reading a book is for a purpose. It is something you do to achieve what you want. Knowing that a hobby or a night out (yes nights out can be a way to simply switch off which is a purpose too! :D) isn't just a simple waste of time.

People who own their businesses can tell you what they want in two sentences (or more if you have time for that). They usually take a moment to recap on that but it doesn't take them more than that to think about it. They have trained their minds to think about what they set out to do.

You might say... what is wrong in wanting to be happy, or wealthy or famous? Things like happiness isn't something you can achieve. 


"Happiness is not a goal... it's a by-product of a life well lived." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Everything you want today can change tomorrow. Life never stays still and neither should you. But training your mind to think about what you want everyday will make your to-do lists fall into place, your actions become more structured and your thoughts more directed towards your goals.