Family Friend As Your Wedding Photographer

Dear Brides,

It seems like an a easy option to go with a family friend as your wedding photographer rather than hiring a professional.

At first you are excited to see how much cheaper it can be and as a bonus, it's your family friend, you will feel more comfortable around them.

I'll bring you down to earth very quick. Here are a few things to consider before you take that step and regret it for the rest of your life!

1. It's a job, not a party.

Your family friend will want to have a go at the drinks, to relax and to catch up with their friends or relations whom they haven't seen in years. It's a huge distraction!

2. Did they shoot weddings before?

If someone attended a wedding a couple of times (or more) it doesn't necessarily mean that they know all of the required specifics to take your pictures.

If they did shoot weddings before look at the pictures taken at the church, reception and dinner. These are low light situations. If they can provide bright, sharp and clean photos (without any yellowish or blueish casts) great! If not, beware it is their best work they are showing you.

3. Do they have appropriate gear?

A good DSLR camera with no lower than 15-20 megapixels and a big external flash. 

They should at least have 2 lenses:

1 - Standard Portrait lens

2 - Wide lens to be able to fit in large groups of people

4. How long do you think it will take them to deliver your photos? 

Be patient, it can take up to a YEAR to receive your photos.

5. Last but not least... Be prepared to plan EVERYTHING on your own.

You'll have to get to know your photography gear, the timeline of the day, your way around organising people for group shots and negotiating the receiving time of the photos.

So why not avoid all the stress, keep a friendly relationship with you friends and your family, sign a contract with a professional photographer and lem handle the day. 

Bear in mind that you've invested so much time and money into planning your once in a lifetime day, make sure you document it in a way that YOU want to remember it!


Katya xxx