Guest Blogger - The SocialBee Tea Lady's top 3 tips for organising an engagement party

Dear Brides,

Fascinated with her personality and her business idea I decided to invite Melissa from The SocialBee to my blog as a guest. Melissa has an unusual way of partying with tea, cupcakes and fine bone china.

The SocialBee Tea Lady’s top 3 tips for organising a hen shoot, or engagement party.

We don’t often have occasion in our daily lives to be the subject of a photo shoot, unless we are high fashion models of course. I, however, am just a humble Tea Lady, and so a photo shoot with my favourite people for me is an exciting prospect. After much pondering over a pot of Assam, here are my top 3 tips for making sure your own shoot is fun as well as fabulous.

Background setting

Afternoon Tea, and all things vintage, are still very much on trend for 2016, and so an Afternoon Tea setting would be a beautiful backdrop for your shoot.

Use fine bone china in gorgeous mismatched patterns, with floral oilcloths and some beautifully vibrant fresh flowers to create the tea party effect. Don’t over clutter the table and make it look too fussy. Let the china and the patterns do the talking.

China teacups and teapots will also make wonderful props for creative shoot staging.

Dressing up

We all love donning a frock and getting glammed up. Think 50s fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Demure and alluring or sensual and bold; take your pick.

Adding a petticoat to your dress turns your outfit into a three dimensional performance, and you will be addicted to how you swish in it. A voluminous petticoat also helps to give the appearance of a smaller waist. Kylie eat your heart out.

Pampering party

In a world where photos are only ever saved digitally, and so resigned after initial viewing to the hard drive of the laptop, these are a set that may well be printed, and even framed, as wonderful memories of a fabulous occasion shared with your favourite people.

It’s worth treating yourself to some pampering and preening beforehand then, in the hands of the professionals. This could even become an excuse for a

girlie occasion in itself. Nicely manicured nails are a must if you’re going to be posing with a dainty teacup after all. Just remember.. pinkies never go up. That will give you away as being uncultured in the ways of taking tea dahling.

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Katya xx