Movie of the week - The Finest Hours (spoiler alert!)

A little side note.... Leo received an Oscar! Wooohoo :D

"The Finest Hours" is based on real life events, just like the Revenant and Spotlight. Real life stories attract me just because I assume they will be more believable and besides, it's easier to find motivation in stories like that because they were real at some point.

I was a little disappointed by the incredible cheesiness of the movie. There isn't a lot to add to that. The acting performance was less believable as a result and it always felt like it's too good to be true.

However, the courage present in the characters given the position they were in was phenomenal. The bravery of the coastguard police and of those who were stuck on that split tanker was inspiring. 

My first favourite part of the movie was when the coast guard team were approaching the bar and all you could hear was the menacing thuds of crashing waves. I loved that this moment of the movie was there for longer than I probably wanted it to be. I felt like fast forwarding it after every passing second. I was scared. I didn't even want to be listening to it.

My second favourite part was when the team was halfway through the bar. It was when Bernie was passing one deadly wave after another when I noticed a slight trace of pleasure on his face. And it hit me, he was enjoying the process... What else could he have possibly done? In my opinion that's what got him to do what nobody thought would ever be possible! There's a lot to learn from that.

And lastly I'd like to add that when they rescued the tanker's crew and found out that they have no way of getting home, they have lost their compass, Bernie just switched off the engine of the rescue boat and let the current of the water do it's thing. 

Sometimes you have to simply trust the flow, it will bring you where you belong. You just have to be patient.

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