Movie of the week - Room (Spoiler Alert!)

My movie of this week was 'Room'... I didn't find it horrifying or horrible like other people thought it was. I found it educating. Once again someone shows us that kids are wiser than adults.

I'm not going to go on about it in great detail. I'm only going to talk about the message that struck me.

This whole movie is created to illustrate how something that has no escape can be defeated by time and patience.

I loved the ability of Joy (ironically the protagonist's name was Joy) to educate and raise her son in an absolute healthy way, given the circumstances. The kid could read, draw and fantasise. Most importantly he could think like a grown up and think bigger than adults ever allow themselves to think.

Everyone who's watching the movie is being taught a huge lesson. It teaches us to let go of the past. To be able to open up to the whole new world around us and to cherish the big dreams that came true for us.


To let the new wonders of the present world open up for us we have to give things some time to change. Patience and time are the things that make us overcome obstacles and become who we really wanted us to be.

"Live maintaining peace. Spring will come and the flowers will bloom themselves" - Chinese Proverb 

If you ever want to think about your comfort zone or to think about your ability to be brave enough to open up your eyes and accept the change around you with a full clear heart this movie is for you.