Needy parrots, scared meerkats and more!

The day was rainy and I didn't feel like much of an adventure anyway. So I decided to sneak out to a pet shop located in Kinsealy.

I didn't realise that this simple visit can turn into something special. There were meerkats that spoke back to me (yeah I know, you're probably rolling your eyes now) and parrots that were telling me to stop touching them when they were eating...

When I saw the two meerkats my heart started beating faster. I made weird purry cat noises and one of them stuck it's head out from it's little house and began making those noises back at me.

A clockwork orange rabbit was veeeery soft!

A guinea pig started squealing and looking up at me excited when I came over... did it think I was one of their pigs from their little family? 

The rabbits were carrying on doing whatever...

Looking like royalty, they acted like royalty. As long as they are happy...

Did you know that birds are vain? They are very, very vain!

One of these buggers was running around the cage restless. I wish I had as much energy as that guy.

I bough a little pressie for my goldfish tank... I'll talk about it in my next fish blog. 

The size of these plecos is impressive!

And of course little goldfish bugsters. The yellow ones have bubbly eyes! Those bubbles don't look sturdy to me...

This little guy lives in the pet shop. While I was observing the tanks when he unceremoniously pushed his way in to where I was standing. He's the most timid and sweet dog!

I cannot remember the name of this little dude. But I think the people in the store called him Stephen. Well lets go with little Stephen. He was sweet too, he looked like he was smiling and my heart just melted!

There were spiders too. Big ones. Yeah big ones with loads of eyes. They sold them. The sales man took one out for me to take a photo. I ran out screaming.

This guy was very polite. He said hello if you said it first. But when he was eating I stuck my fingers in to pet him and he said "Stop it!". I did it again and he said it again with even more determination!

And this princess, obviously a princess because she's pink, is my favourite part. She's needy and soft. I never petted a parrot before. This one let me do it. I want a parrot now. She's so needy, exactly what I need!

Outside the sore I found this funny thing. The hand prints of a family... Absolutely unrelated to the post :)

I want to credit Kinsealy Pet Store for their hospitality and amazing job with all the animals. Everyone working there have a caring and friendly demeanour about them!

Watch the video the get the full feel of the day!