Weekly adventure; Sea Life Bray

Waking up on a beautiful freezing cold sunny morning to a Valentine's Day, everything was screaming 'The Sea Place'. At least that's how I called it for three weeks postponing the visit every weekend.

I had such high expectations of the place. My imagination told me there will be huge marine fishes and incredibly big aquariums. 

My expectations deflated like a balloon very quickly. But so what if they did? I found my favourite fish species, with whom I could not possibly interact in any shape or form. So I just watched it, fascinated with it's alien body type and flowing movements. 

Meet my favourite creature from The Sea Place!

You can have a look at the way they move in my short video at the end of the post!

This guy was all pumped up for a night out on Valentines, cute dress!

If you are looking for me, you can find me near anything that has the slightest resemblance of soft fluff.

The glass was way too foggy to have any sort of good quality photos. But nevertheless the Bird Fish and the two below send you creepy black&white greetings from the tank world!

What a colourful beautiful world!

Very old, very friendly sting ray. It promises not to sting you. It does.

And to end this peculiar visit, these two's Valentines date was in full swing. Tip toeing quietly, I passed them by carefully trying not to disturb their lovely evening!