5 Types of photography to choose from

Dear Brides,

"The type of photography you prefer will help you determine which kind of photographer you should hire." - Lauren Kay (The Knot Magazine 2014)

To start you off on your search journey for your ideal wedding photographer I will show you the 5 types of wedding photography.

It will help you find the right photographer based on their style and knowing that you will know exactly what to expect from your photographer on your wedding day.

1. Lifestyle Photography

Lyfestyle photographers do the work before the wedding day. They check out the location, make a map of the shoot and prepare for the day to unravel around their plan. It is candid photography but not without direction. They will let the couple know where to stand and what to do.

I resonate with this style of photography the most. I put in a huge amount of work beforehand and then let the day take it's course afterwards.

 2. Artistic Photography

Artistic type of  photography will be for adventurous couples and untraditional couples who are willing to go out in the middle of the field per say, on their wedding day. Photographers in this category shoot with wider lenses. They set the couple in the scene. They work the couple around the scene not the other way around.

3. Classic Photography

The type of photography we are used to seeing in our parents' or grandparents' photo albums. Classic photographers tend to change things around as they shoot and make ordinary moments look stunning!

4. Dramatic Photography

Dramatic photographer does not care whether it is raining or the sun is shining, they will set their own light to create the scene. They work with artificial light to create dramatic photos and they will never work around natural light.

5. Documentary Photography

Documentary photographers have an ability to anticipate moments and capture them in the right time. They are like journalists. Most of the time you will get what you see on the wedding day. They aren't looking for perfection. They also work really hard for their angles and the right light to capture the moment. They are candid and unnoticeable.

This will set you on the right track and will let you find the photographer that you really connect with along with the proper expectations to avoid disappointment later on.

Katya xxx