I live far away and I want to meet my photographer!


You are probably planning your wedding from far away in your home country, or perhaps you have found someone you feel like you will get on with like a house on fire. How do you meet them when you're so far away?

Skype them! It sounds like an obvious one but some people get nervous even thinking about it.

Don't be nervous. You may be on different continents of the world but there's always a way to find out what time suits you both for 1 hour Skype call. There are a couple of plus sides to it.

You don't have to spend time on travel and money on gas!

It may be less awkward than meeting in person since you are situated in a familiar setting that is your home.

You may be more comfortable in asking difficult questions than in person. Although, I should say that Skype calls don't really take away from a real meeting.

Do it right! Stay punctual to the time, double check and make sure you leave plenty of time before the meeting in case you might have any technical difficulties. Your photographer scheduled this meeting into their diary, they are excited to meet you for the first time, respect it and cancel in advance if you can't make it, just like a real meeting.