What a silly and funny movie. Actually, I'm not as excited about this movie as I would usually be. Your man is all ugly and not sexy most of the time... I'm kidding of course. This movie is a love story, but somehow I thought it was a journey of finding love towards oneself rather than towards someone else.

Sitting in the cinema, frantically searching for a meaning of this movie, I was so worried that there would be nothing to write about... When only at the end I realised that opening up to the world and letting it in, switching my brain off, was what I should have done from the start.

I didn't like that it wasn't deep enough for me. Even though I love watching silly movies sometimes, I always manage to find some sort of a special connection between me and the film that I'm watching. This time that connection was somewhere else.

I loved the ridiculously trivial sense of humour. Jokes about stereotypes that you encounter in this movie genre was fun to watch. However shallow it was, the storyline still got me thinking. Thinking about the fact that even though the protagonist had cancer and was horribly mutilated, he still had a sense of humour.

Having a sense of humour in difficult times is one of the bravest and hardest things one can do. And at the end DeadPool shows us the ability to completely accept the reality and deal with it.

So a silly movie can teach you more than you think. Acceptance of oneself and a smile can be one of the reasons that drives happiness in everyday life :)