3 Ways To Enhance Your Look When Changing A Wedding Dress For Dancing


Lipsticks have an ability to change the feel of your appearance. They can dramatise and soften the overall look. I contacted a professional fashion stylist Kassi to show you 3 ways to enhance your look when changing your dress for dancing. By the way Kassi is getting married this September too!



Changing From Dramatic To Neutral Lipstick

Changing from a more dramatic to a more relaxed dress you can use a more neutral colour for your lips. It will be airy and sheer adding lightness and will completely transform your look!



Add More Freshness To Your Look With Peachy Tones

If you want to go for a more playful feel use a peachy colour that is in between those sheer and dramatic looks. For long summer evenings it will be perfect to add more freshness to your face after a long day of celebrating.



Enhance The Dramatic Winter Feel With A Red Lipstick

Dark lipstick can be used for winter weddings. If you have a moody theme and want to add more drama towards the beginning of your dance party, this is a simple and very convenient way to do so!



These are 3 simple ways to enhance your look when changing a wedding dress for dancing. If you want to make the most the dress change, do it. You will feel the difference and it will cost you 5 minutes of your time!



Bonus Tip:

The same idea can be applied to your engagement shoot. If you are changing into a different set of clothes, use a different lipstick. This simple change will bring a lot more variety to your photos!