4 Reasons To Receive Your Wedding Photos Online

In this day and age most things we do are online. Our shopping, our interactions, our research. So why not get your wedding images delivered online too? Here are the 4 Reasons To Receive Your Wedding Photos Online!

1. Shelf Life

The format in which you received your wedding photographs 3 years ago was most likely CDs. Then we transitioned into delivering images on USBs.

The shelf life of this form of delivery will most likely be up to 1 year. Then the probability of it being forgotten about is high. And the effort of trying to look for it to show off your photographs to your loved ones is exhausting.

When your images are delivered to your inbox in a form of a gallery, you'll be able to access them on your phone or your desktop right away. When you want to show someone your pictures, you don't have to interrupt a conversation you're having with them by having to look for that USB! 

2. Back Up

The second reason to receive your images online is that you will have an ability to download the pictures in full resolution on to your computer or several computers. You can back them up as many times as you want. In addition to that, the photographs will be online for up to 10 years backed up in case you need them. 

3. No More Waiting

No more waiting for USBs to arrive. What if you're not at home and your neighbour gets the package and goes off on a 2 day holiday? I've been there. I know how frustrating that can be! This is the most important reason to receive your photos online.

I deliver my wedding photographs within 2-3 weeks of taking them. As soon as I have them finished, I upload them on to your online gallery and you get to see them immediately.

4. Sharing And Printing

When you receive your photos online, you can then share and print them right from the gallery. It makes such a difference when you can do that using all the common actions you're so used to in an everyday online world!

Have a look at a sample online gallery