5 Pre Wedding Ceremony Timing Tips (be on time!)

Dear Brides,

Planning your wedding day, you might think that following a timeline on the day is something silly because it's your day and you want to enjoy it! But in order for things to run smoothly, with everyone being on time... You have to plan in advance! A little will come a long way, trust me :)

As a photographer I can tell you that pre ceremony time is the time that gets you late! And if you're late everyone around you will become a stress ball, that's not a way to enjoy your wedding day, is it? Always have a little extra getting ready time planned as there will always be something that takes longer than expected.

And for you to avoid the chaos, I have put together 5 tips on how to be on time to your wedding ceremony!

1. If you have a lot of bridesmaids (including your mam!) have more than one hair stylist booked! You'd be amazed how much time it takes to fix something that doesn't look right.

2. Have all of your details for me, the wedding photographer, to photograph in 1 place! The wedding rings should be with you, not with the best man. The flowers should arrive to your house, not the church! Later on in the day I will be busy with family portraits, bridal party portraits, your portraits, candids and reception details. So by having everything for me in the morning to photograph, will save you an incredible amount of time!

3. Plan for a quick shot with bridesmaids in your robes before they will get into their dresses. It's okay, and I'll repeat it again later, if you don't have your hair and make up done fully. You cannot see small imperfections in the pictures, and I'd like to emphasise that fact for future reference.

4. After that shot has been taken the Mother of the Bride and the Bridesmaids should put on their dresses. So when you are getting into your wedding dress, everyone is fully dressed and ready to be in the pictures with you.

5. Don't slow down the timeline just because your hair isn't fully done or you're missing bits of your jewellery, get in your dress and the rest will be fixed after, promise! Remember I said you can't see small imperfections in the photos? It's getting ready time, it's okay to be in the middle of it :)

Give yourself 20-30 to be ready with you dress on before you leave... To have a moment, have everything fixed and just breathe! (and that's when I leave, so be nice to me, I have to be at the ceremony earlier than you for the photos of the guys)

I'd like to remind you that wedding pictures will be the only memory that will stay with you forever. You'll cherish that memory and share it with the generations to come. I know that everyone says that, but it's true! So be nice to your photographer and plan your time ahead!

Katya xx