Newbarn Farm - Ashbourne

So who's with me on the Stress Ball thing? I'm a walking, talking, breathing stress ball. I knew that already before the matter was addressed to me by my friend... Saying that I never switch off for one second. It's either driving, or blogging, or clients, or taking days off, or finishing reading the book, or or or or... an endless amount of everything.

My brain runs a million miles per hour. I notice the tiniest things that a lot of people wouldn't notice. The change in someone's attitudes, their mood, the way someone looked or said something, they way I would feel during breakfast, during editing, during submitting my weddings. I even know the answer the client is going to give me before I even reply to the inquiry. And I rarely think of how crazy busy that must be in my head, for my thoughts and for my nervous system!

It's one of those blogging fart days when I sit down and I have nothing to share... and this growing ball of stress inside of me is just too overwhelming so as a result, I'm choosing to just drop it. Ha, yeah, just drop it.

I'm going to share with you the photos that I took on Newbarn Farm, just outside Ashbourne. I grew up in a town where chickens were strolling on the road in search for food, they were owned by people who just let them out to wander. Seeing them displayed in a farm for recreational purposes was a little bit confusing. The only thing I can say that those chickens were definitely happier and more stress free than I was at that moment thinking about my childhood and the chickens on the street. 

I hope I'm not the only stress ball out there stressing out about every little thing in my life. And not being alone in this doesn't mean that the 'drop it' mindset can't start today. So here's to stress free chicken like attitude!

Chicken in a shed
Chicken eating food
Black Pig
goat's head