What does it mean to be called the best?




Not that long ago I woke up to this article in my Facebook Newsfeed that said "The 10 Best Photographers in Ireland" and it really, really upset me! I don't mean to undervalue the people who were actually picked to be the best, but I am sure that there was room for more than just 10!

What is the value in that? Advertising? Maybe. What else does it mean? Does it mean that the rest of us don't put enough work, or our work isn't trendy enough? It's silly isn't it? For some reason I don't really mind it usually, but that very morning it got to me and I thought, hold on a second, this is far from being right.

Being called amongst the best photographers in Ireland isn't something that I aim at. It shouldn't define who I am, it shouldn't define my style and my self esteem. It is purely a trend. If you fit the photographic style trend, you will be there in the list, if you don't, it doesn't mean that your work isn't worthy of being called the best. 

Trends are good and I see a lot of photographers following a certain trend and perhaps that is the exact moment in time when they discover their style and they find that they are incredibly good at it. I find it hard to follow trends and god knows I have tried! Now every time I look at what everyone else is doing, I say to myself, "How can I do this differently". Trends are always changing, why can't it be you who changes them this time?



The Best Photographer