Blackwater Castle - Exclusive Castle Hotels In Ireland For Weddings

If you've decided to have your wedding in one of the Irish private castles and it happens to be Blackwater Castle in Cork... well then you're in for a treat!

This is one of the coolest exclusive castle hotels in Ireland where you can plan your weddings or stay for leisure.

For those who are still on the fence here's a few details about the venue that will get you excited...

Accommodation as sourced from their airbnb listing:

  • Restricted to 25 guests
  • Additional plan for for up to 70 on site non-resident or day guests

It is a beautiful private hire venue that has amazing views on its grounds. There's a fabulous forest walk, valley view, quiet and full of character surroundings.

The house itself is lived in with a lot of details inside.

The walls, floors and fireplaces have history and possess an attraction for those who are continuously hungry for antiques and architecture.

It is a Medieval structure with its history of around 10,000 years all the way back to the Mesolithic Period! Can you imagine how old this place is?

You can discover the entire history of this place on the website of their owners here

As a wedding photographer travelling all the way from Dublin I loved this place and here's why:

  • Easy to get to. So, so easy. Well located on Google maps. But if ever in doubt as the owners for the Eircode.
  • The light in this place was warm and here's why. The structure of the buildings give off the warmth.
  • The stones reflect the light so that the subjects are illuminated so that their skin is glowing.
  • Everything is very close! The house, the stables where the groom was getting ready, the function room, the grounds for photographs.
  • My bride and groom were comfortable walking everywhere without covering large distances.
  • The place has so many awesome spots for photos. So much character and love on the grounds of this place.
  • I was there in September when everything was still overgrown but I am confident that it is stunning any time of the year.

This is a truly special place to get married especially if you're eloping from a different country and considering Ireland for its history and castles.

It has an easy access to the nearby village, it is private and it is very well looked after. 

To view Liz and Tom's wedding at Blackwater Castle watch the video below:

If you want to book me for your wedding in Blackwater Castle in Cork