Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Rosedale House, pictures

Choosing your wedding venue should be something that makes you feel like home. When someone is choosing their wedding dress they sometimes say 'This is it, this is so me!', have you heard that before? The same thing applies to your venue, it's either you, or not you ;)

I'll help put you on track if you don't know where to start, or if you have started some tips can be helpful in the long run of your wedding planning.

1. Decorations and colours!

Every venue will be coloured in it's own unique way. Take a look at the colour of the walls, staircases, ceilings, floors, doors and the colour of the furniture. If you have an overall idea of the colour scheme of the venue, choose the colours for your wedding day that will complement them.

The backdrop decor of the venue can include our Mother Nature! Beautiful countryside, forests, mountains, lakes, beaches or vineyards for destination weddings, will be the most amazing part of the decor. All you'll need to add is small bits and pieces that will complement that. Look at the venues decorations, ask them if they have anything else to add to that. In other words, work with their decor!

2. Lighting

As a photographer, I can assure you that lighting is key to everything. The more the merrier. Devoting your time, efforts and money into working out the little personal details of your wedding can be in vain if the venue is dark thus no way of properly documenting it. Look out for large windows, ask for additional lighting (projectors, twinkle lights (!) are the best) and consider your ceremony to be held outside.

3. Outside Ceremony, Reception and Dinner

If you are considering an outside wedding, it's worth while considering a contingency plan in case it rains. It's always a good idea to hire a wedding planner for ceremonies like that so that they can plan it out for you in advance. Make sure you like the inside of the venue as much as you like the outside!

4. Exclusivity

Check if the venue offers exclusive use of it on the day of your wedding. That is one of the determining factors of who you are. If you're a private person who wants an intimate celebration with your family and friends make sure there won't be another bride and groom on the day or any other event for that matter. If there will be an event on, make sure you know how far apart they are. You don't want to end up sharing the garden with another bride's photographer!

5. It's all about you!

This celebration is about you. If you're choosing a venue that holds a sentimental value to you and your fiancé, it will show throughout the day. You'll feel comfortable, special and emotional. It's all about the memories, because the day will fly by in a heartbeat and you want it to be remembered! This way you'll concentrate on yourself as a couple, inviting your family and friends along to celebrate with you and not running the risk for it to be the other way around.