Ciaran and Jennifer: Engagement Photoshoot On A Sandy Brittas Bay Beach In Ireland

Ciaran and Jennifer - Katya Koliban Photography

I got up at 4am that day to catch a flight from London. I was nervous, excited, full of anticipation to finally hold my camera again and create some special moments for my couple’s engagement shoot at Brittas Bay in Ireland.

After the flight landed at 7am, rushing to the passport control desk I heard people busy conversing about an upcoming storm. Neither the tiredness, nor all of those intimidating talks about potential wind and rain were going to scare away my eagerness to shoot that day. I had a feeling we were going to be safe (supported by a very accurate forecast from AccuWeather).

The gloomy skies started to spread as my mum and I deeper into Wicklow to meet one of the most beautiful beeches in Ireland, Britta’s Bay. We were welcomed by soft sunshine to the point where we were supposed to shoot. As the sunset playfully kissed the skin of Ciara and Jennifer, my heart was filling joy because I knew that the images will be coloured in golden light. My favourite sort of light.

Ciaran and Jennifer met in Australia, living in a very close proximity from each other it was a pleasant surprise to have found each other. As their relationship progressed, they have returned to Ireland, Ciaran’s home, where he proposed to Jennifer on one of the most beautiful spots in Donegal. 

We did our best to bring some of their engagement day magic into the photoshoot, by combining Jen’s love for the sea and the beach and Irish hilly landscape. We were blessed with warm sunshine mirroring their love for each other, so evident in their happy faces. 

I am so excited to be there on their wedding day, capture more of Jennifer’s flaring red hair and Ciaran’s unending giddiness.