How to avoid crazy working hours?

If you're self employed your work hours are probably all over the place. Crazy, crazy hours. You probably find yourself sitting into late night trying to get all of your editing done and social media up to date. But guess what, it can all be changed.

As wedding photographers do work crazy hours when it comes to shoots. We shoot during weekends and our hours can extend into late night. We can get up at 9am and be back home for 1am some days. But that's okay, that's what makes us happy, tired but happy. 

Not that long ago I was doing my admin at 9pm, replying to emails at 8pm, editing my shoots at 10pm and that is just insane! Then I saw that some of the photographers have their hours strictly set from 9-5 and that was it.

So I did the same and I ended up covering more work. My office hours are now 9.30am till 5pm and usually I stay up 1 or 2 hours later to finish up on editing. So spreading your tasks and assigning an appropriate time for their completion will give you an idea how much time you need. And one more piece of advice, don't have more than 8 hours of workload per day. This way you are keeping up with the rest of the world's working hours while still remaining creative.