Creativity + Business = ?


When I have just began my journey as a photographer I was thinking that if I monetise my, what was then, hobby, it would kill off my creativity. Is that true? Have I faced it in my photography business, does it mean I'm not a creative wedding photographer anymore?

When I started to run a wedding photography business I was actually earning more when I wasn't creative. When I just followed 'trends' and had no personality it was easier to earn money. But what was I really left with? With clients who didn't really care. It's like music, what sort of stuff gets played on the radio more often? You'd hear Katy Perry more than, let's say Arcade Fire. Just because. Just because it's trendy, it appeals to most of the public and it's mainstream. But Arcade Fire is a product of a higher quality, right? So why no one listens to it as often?

You don't kill off creativity by starting a business. The only thing you have to decide on is to either remain creative, dedicated and patient or be trendy, make money and be forgotten twice as fast. It is harder to put a price on individuality, harder to get through to the individual who will value what you do. In my mind, anything that starts off slow won't be forgotten as easily. 

Of course I follow certain trends in the Wedding Photography world but I try my best to be me, an individual, with a personality, someone that cares about creating and someone that makes people say a big fat thank you at the end.