Do I have to like my Wedding Photographer?

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Most of the time when we are looking for a supplier of any sort we don't really think about whether we would like them as a person or not. At the end of the day we don't really care, it's not like we are out to make friends. But is that the case with your wedding photographer? 

A wedding photographer is an artist who captures emotions of your wedding day, directs you to feel more relaxed in front of the camera and makes sure your nanna gets a picture with you with a smile on her face.

Liking your wedding photographer is key. It's like getting a pair of shoes that you'll be comfortable in for the duration of the party. A bit of a weird comparison, but it's true! A wedding photographer will have to anticipate the outcome based on your emotions. Reading your body language, seeing that you need a moment to rest and making sure not to stress you out when you already are because of something that ran a little bit overtime!

You'll spend most of the day with your wedding photographer, so if there is something that puts you off, or something that you don't agree with when meeting them in person, that's okay! You'll need that bit of security that your photographer has to provide on your wedding day, and you need to be comfortable with them!

So don't be afraid to ask them personal question and look at their reactions. Be attentive to your own sense of security and comfort when meeting them in person. If you feel happy, relaxed and assured that everything will be taken care of, then that's it! Choose with care :)