Donegal - The Caboose Club

This was a looong loong drive. 8 hours in a van with a band is... entertaining. Our main driver, Finbar, thought that the speedometer was in miles hence driving 80km/hr on a motorway. We were there in no time. Towards the end of the trip to Donegal he realised that something was wrong when a bus overtook us.

When we got there, the Caboose Club was absolutely in the middle of nowhere. A trashy place on the outside, looked spotless inside with an incredibly inviting crew. The restaurant above us was packed complaining about the noise during the soundcheck. Peace and quiet was maintained thereafter. 

It's really hard to talk about an 8 hour trip on the road without spreading it over 10 pages. But I'm proud of being a part of the Cult Called Man team. There was a vigorous fan that watched all of their vlogs and even complemented on my outfit on one of my appearances in those vlogs. All the band needs is 10,000 fans like that :D Cheers Jenny, you made our evening!