Dream Bigger Than Big

I want to start this week with our dreams. Sometimes you need to know what you actually want to begin doing anything in your life. I have been told to dream big. To stop being modest about my dreams and go wild. And then I read the same thing in an article about dreaming BIGGER. I have already had a blog about a movie that I went to, Sing Street, where the main part of it was to dream big, so what's stopping us? 

Remember when we were kids, we dreamt about these crazy things for Christmas, our Birthdays and just in general, just because. I remember falling asleep with this dream that I felt would never come true. It was a pair of roller blades. I dreamt about it every day, I slept with the idea, I ate with the idea and I just liked the imaginary feeling of having a pair of roller blades. To a modern western world it's not a big deal, but back where I come from, it was bigger than big! So everything is relative. I got my pair of second hand roller blades for my birthday. And as usual I had higher expectations, of course I wanted a pair of new ones. The point is, I dreamt bigger than big and I got the 'big' part of it as a result!

Today my dreams can be much bigger than a pair of roller blades. I haven't spent a long time actually letting myself dream of whatever I want. It was always somewhat from a point of rationality and realistic abilities. So I sat down and said to myself, that it was okay to dream bigger. The fact is, that my mind isn't equipped for that kind of freedom and to be able to dream big, you have to train yourself to do that. You have to eat and sleep with your dreams, you have to imagine the feeling of having the idea. It's a game that is worth playing. 

I urge everyone to dream bigger than big, to allow yourselves to free up your minds and to encourage your psyche to let your dreams in. It's like riding a bicycle. You have to practice doing it.

Happy Monday to all of you Big Dreamers!