Choosing Exclusive Venues vs Hotel Chains

Pub's chat revelation.

On a Tuesday night after our shoot in Tattersalls (sneak peaks tomorrow, keep your eyes open people!) I sat down for a short chat with my friend in a local pub. Another girl approached us and we started talking about her engagement and about the places where she is looking to get married. She was talking about how much she likes Exclusive, or Private venues more than Chained Hotels... And I was with her on that 100%.

I'd like to expand on that subject a little bit more and give 3 reasons why Private Venues are the best option for me as a photographer and an insight on your venue choice as a bride!

Wedding Photos at The Millhouse, Slane, Ireland

1. Private venues are more personable

It is so easy to work with people that simply shine with joy and are brought together to make everyone around them genuinely happy and comfortable. Private venues have that. 

Hotel chains simply don't have that. People that work there can be condescending and superior. It's their 9-5 job and their boss isn't the owner of the place...

2. Private venues have a character

Every exclusive venue that I've been to is different. They are their own separate business owners, they have their own thing going on about them and they have a style. Their gardens have personality, their house has character and the surroundings just complement it all. Mostly they are situated in a picturesque countryside!  

3. No sneaky peaks from strangers!

In a private and exclusive venue you are guaranteed to have it to yourself for the day. There won't be any other weddings on simultaneously, you won't have to share the gardens with another photographer and there won't be any strangers taking sneaky peaks at your wedding!

So I like it private and personal. Depending on the style of your wedding, you can have such a great day complementing it with the venue, it'll leave your guests speechless by the end of it.