noun: inspiration


the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

From my daily encounters with people, whether it's friends, family, industry peers, clients or others I found that no matter what you do as a professional, inspiration plays a big part in our daily actions. If you're an accountant or a doctor, an architect or a sculptor, a bride who's organising her wedding or self employed creative like me, inspiration is the driving force of our lives. So how do you come across it to keep going, especially when you are a bride trying to create a vision of your wedding day!


I'm going to start with the most uncomfortable subject. I know a whole bunch of us nowadays are introverted extroverts. We find it calming and energising to spend most of our time alone or in our comfort zone. However most of the inspiration that you need will come from talking to new and interesting people. It is something that gives your brain a little bit of a rush because, well firstly, you stepped out of your comfort zone and you're proud of yourself and secondly, you learned about someone's experience and got your wheels turning in your head that are now searching for new ideas. 

I try my best to fill up my calendar in a way that makes me meet at least one new person a week. Sometimes it's a bunch of new people, due to the nature of my work as a wedding photographer, but sometimes I have to make an effort to put myself out there. This action step of meeting new people has never failed me to come up with new ideas and new material for blogs or marketing (or even my life!).


'Places' is an interesting thing. I have recently discovered the beauty of travelling to places alone. There's no shame in traveling alone. I know I have said PEOPLE above but this particular action turns you back to you!

What I mean here is that when you travel alone, you get to open up to the idea of creating your own associations about a particular place. There's no distractions and you get a chance to view your surroundings in greater detail. Your imagination starts working full time by bringing all of your existing experiences into the place you're visiting for the first time. You begin feeling it as well as seeing it. It's so powerful it doesn't just give you a piece of mind and space to observe, it gives you a feeling of a kaleidoscope in your stomach. Now if that's not self awareness and inspiration, I don't know what is!

Art & Fashion

Search for something that triggers your emotions and gives you butterflies.

Fashion is a new discovery too. I never knew I'd be fascinated by fashion. I like texture and patterns. I have 2 velvet dresses in my wardrobe (and a velvet suit), 2 pairs of silver shiny shoes and 1 pair of feather sandals. I call them birdies. I get a rush when I see an extraordinary piece of fabric. I can feel the rush when I imagine how I can combine together different pieces of clothes. I get inspired looking at unusual designs, structures, colours and patterns. 

Art is such a huge word. Going back to a dictionary definition of 'Art' for a moment:

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Art is powerful. In my mind art can also be seen in a form of music and food among other things. It's something that you can see, touch, feel, hear and even taste. It's when you see one of your favourite bands live for the first time or eat the most incredible food you've eaten in like ever. All of those EXPERIENCES make your inspiration creep out of your pores. It's something that gives you the excitement that is necessary to get your creative juices flowing.


Inspiration gives us the reason and motivation to do what we desire to achieve. It has a battery of it's own and sometimes it needs re-charging. My biggest advice on finding inspiration is to push your boundaries. Do something you're not comfortable of doing. It means creating an experience that will enrich your personality and widen your horizons.