How To Get A Second Opinion On My Wedding Photographer

I hear you. How to get a second opinion on such a subjective matter? Wedding photography is something that is going to remain with you decades after the wedding is over. It will be the only memory you will ever have of the entire event and it is so important to get it right!

So here's a few tips!

1. Find someone you trust. It can be your best friend, your mother, your sister. Someone you know won't influence your opinion and will be there to help instead of forcing their opinion on you. Someone you can confide in and who will listen to what exactly you are looking to get from the service. Someone who can be most objective about it. Ideally 2-3 people should suffice to see the pros and cons clearer.

2. Google them and look for reviews online. The easiest way to go about it is visit their Facebook page and see what sort of responses people are having about their work. Your photographer will always have responses either in their comment section or in the review section of their Facebook page.

3. If you visit photographer's Facebook page, most of the time they tag wedding suppliers they have worked with. Florist, Make up Artist, Hair Stylist, Wedding Planners. These are the go to people to ask for opinion.

4. Their testimonial section on their website. Ask for permission to contact past brides and check if their testimonials match. What they thought about that photographer on a larger scale of things. Most likely they will be brutally honest with you!

I hope these tips will give you a broad area to research your photographer in greater detail and make your decision in picking the memory maker for your big day easier!