How To Put On A Boutonnière In 2 Steps

How to put on a Boutonnière, also known as a Buttonhole, is one of the most frequent questions on a wedding day. Honestly I had to learn myself before I could answer that. So I went to a local florist and asked Jenny from Flowers By Moira, to show me exactly how to put on Boutonnière in 2 steps:


Jenny says, a florist will always leave their Boutonnières with either two pins like in the picture above or with a one thick pin. 


Position the flower the following way:

For women - the flowers will go on their right hand side

For men - the flowers will go on their left hand side

The flowers will be at the level of your heart or roughly where your underarms are. Ignore the button on the suit, it is way to high for the boutonnière. 

Step One:

Pinch the flower with your fingers like on the photo. Slide the needle from down up through the fabric catching the edge of the Boutonnière and back through the fabric.



The end result should look like the photo above. 



Step Two:

Pinching the flower the same way you did when you started off, slide the needle from up down through the fabric, catching the back of the flower and back through the fabric forming a criss cross with your needles. Like on the photo above.



Sometimes Boutonnières come with a pin. These are great for paige boys to avoid needles sticking out. However for bigger Boutonnières the pin can be too small to hold the balance.



That's it. Two simple steps will keep your flowers in place through the day! It is a great accessory for the suit complement the bridal bouquet. You can give this tip to the mother of your fiancé or to his sister.